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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions




Royal Picnic follows all local and state guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing. We do not take it for granted that there is still a pandemic going on and may not go away anytime soon. With that been said, all members of our staff are fully vaccinated. We wear masks and disposable gloves while working to facilitate this special day for you; from handling all equipment, meeting with our customers, and the last part of cleaning up. All items are then packed in plastic bags or containers to be cleaned and sanitized before the next event. We kindly ask that you wear a mask upon arrival to meet with us, and handing over after you are finished. We provide hand sanitizers, Clorox wipes, paper towels, and trash bags for all our setups. We also ask and appreciate you communicate with us at least 72 hours in advance if you fall ill before your event, to be mindful of others so that we can assist you with rescheduling.  



Your booking is not secured unless the amount due is paid in full. Our minimum deposit is $100 (refundable) and it is collected to cover any potential damage to Royal Picnic equipment and belongings. This is standard for all Royal Picnic packages. For any cancellation, we require 72 hours' advance notice so that we can communicate with any of our vendors about the changes.


Our picnics are set to last 2 full hours. Charges to extend your picnic time ranges from $80-$180, depending on the package booked. We charge between $65 and $85, depending on a picnic package you selected, for any additional guests, per person, and this includes children 3 years and older. We do not offer any refunds of payments made to secure your bookings. However, if you need to cancel your booking, with a proper 72-hour notice given, you will have a credit on your account to use at a later date. Once the credit is received, you have 3 months to re-book your picnic event, before the credit expires. There will be no refund or credit extension afterward. We also do not reimburse if any member of your party cannot attend your picnic event, or if you end your picnic earlier than the time set. We suggest you book as early as two weeks in advance, as we tend to get very busy, especially over the weekends. At the moment, we can only accommodate picnic parties with up to 24 guests, although we are looking to further expand our business soon.

We do not rent tables alone, if you decide to change the setup and use your own items from the package booked, prices still remain the same. If you choose to make a booking for all day, this can be discussed upon availability at an additional hourly cost depending on the package booked.


Note: All our prices are firm. Kindly respect this, as your cost is commensurate with the amount of time we spend organizing and executing your picnic event, as well as to cover the cost of the equipment used to make your picnic event the most memorable day for you and your loved ones. Any client with malicious intent (scam), interference while we are setting up, physical abuse to Royal Picnic Staff from members of your event will be reported to authorities and blacklisted from Royal Picnic. We also intend to share our experiences with other small businesses.




The location and time of our picnic events are our clients determined. Our clients can select public or private grounds for their picnic enjoyment, as long as they are granted access. Public and private parks and beaches, as well as the client’s backyards, balconies, and homes, are examples of the most commonly selected locations.


Royal Picnic will set up your event with no trip charge within a 20 Miles radius from our zip code, 20725. Locations outside our perimeter will incur travel charges of $1.89 / Mile. The customer shall be responsible for giving any local or other authorities any necessary notice of their intention to occupy an area, and shall pay all fees in connection therewith. If the customer fails to carry out its obligations under these terms, the customer shall be solely responsible and shall indemnify the Royal Picnic for any such loss, costs, or damages.



It is the responsibility of the Host and not of the Royal Picnic to check the weather before making the booking. In case it rains on the date of your picnic event, you will have options to either move your picnic indoors or use your partial credit to re-book for a later date. The partial credit will have a 50% value of the total amount paid to reserve your picnic event. As we also cannot control mother nature, any refund for the fees paid will not be issued. However, your partial credit could be applied forwards to your future bookings, unless we can move your invention indoors, at your residency.

Note: You are responsible for clearing your space to allow Royal Picnic crew members to complete your indoor picnic setup. Royal Picnic will not move or displace your personal belongings. Royal Picnic is not responsible for any damages or loss to your items that may occur during your picnic event set up and experience caused by your guests.


Royal Picnic does not offer setups on wet grounds.




Your time allocation is guaranteed once the booking is confirmed. Additional charges will be applied to the guest for extending their pre-set time, and the amount billed will be based on the package booked. Advance notice should be communicated, as there is no guarantee we’ll be able to extend your picnic time.


If you need to extend your event past your 2-hour time limit, we ask that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Unless otherwise agreed by the guest and the Royal Picnic, all sitting is for 2 hours. Extension of time will not occur for late arrivals. The commencement and conclusion time of a booking will remain as per the original agreed booking. For the safety of our staff, pack up/clean up in public spaces or parks needs to be before 6:30 pm. Any late booking after this hour should be done at our residence, but there is no guarantee of time availability. 




Most public parks or spaces prohibit alcohol consumption, smoking hookah and one may face serious fines. It is your responsibility as a guest to make sure you understand the law, rules, and regulations of the venue or public space you request for a picnic pop-up. Royal Picnic takes no responsibility for any alcohol consumption or penalties for items not provided by us.



We are not responsible for any food or beverage allergies, or any issues from foods that were purchased from third-party vendors. We currently only offer a beverage tub with ice and complimentary still or sparkling water, this may change with time. Any alcohol beverages requests must be for consumption at your residency, not in public places. For any special requests, kindly email or contact a member of our staff for more information. 



It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure any remaining food items have been disposed of in the provided trash bags. The guest is to clear surfaces and make sure all dishes are free of food any other items.  Our plates, glassware, and flatware should be left to be packed away by Royal Picnic at the agreed time. Failure to do this will incur additional charges depending on the package booked. In addition, if you require an additional hourly fee of $80-$180 will be applied, depending on the package booked.



Consent must be given to Royal Picnic regarding advertising our photographs or the events. Any advertising or promotion of our equipment and belongings for events that are not about Royal Picnic must not be used without prior consent. Any information, decoration, images of our creative work from Royal Picnics that are shared on social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, must be credited and linked back to Royal Picnic. For promotion purposes, Royal Picnic has the right to use photos of our creative work. Kindly do let us know if you do not wish for this to happen. All publications (print, blog, social media) must credit us, or our vendors, as the suppliers and decorators.



All equipment supplied on hire for your event is the property of Royal Picnic. Any damage, loss, or extensive cleaning will result in an additional charge to the client. Any loss or damage to any items such as glass wear, plates, vases, props, and other Royal Picnic belongings is the responsibility of the host of the event. Fees will apply for replacement at the full cost of purchasing a replacement. These fees are payable within seven days of such loss or damage unless communicated otherwise.


The Customer shall pay for any equipment damage or loss that occurred during their picnic event. Damage includes but is not limited to;

  • Improper use of equipment

  • Disappearance of equipment

  • Damage to, or loss of, the Equipment from any unknown cause

  • Cigarette burns on any fabric, furniture, or décor items. Smoking is not permitted on or near the property of Royal Picnic Events.

  • Red Wine stains or any other spills or stains on any fabric, furniture, or decor items that could not be removed.


Except for battery-powered candles, no candles, fires or other flammable properties are to be lit during the booking unless by Royal Picnic staff.


Note: Royal Picnic should be notified in a written form of any incidents that happened during your picnic events, such as theft or any public disturbance, and the time the police were notified and arrived at the scene. The customer shall also reimburse the company for any such loss of the equipment at the current replacement cost of the equipment, and must pay that cost to Royal Picnic on demand. All our equipment must not be rearranged from the designated place to another location unless by a Royal Picnic staff. The customer warrants that all equipment will not be left unattended for the duration of the booking. Royal Picnic shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of the overloading, exceeding rated capacity, misuse, or abuse of the equipment by the customer and the customer agrees to keep the Company indemnified in respect thereof.


I the hirer Agree and acknowledge all the Royal Picnic Terms and Conditions mentioned above by making a booking and transfer of funds.

Last Updated September 2021

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